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Are you looking for a quality shipping agency?

We recognize that many of our customers look for quick and timely service in shipping agency field. Therefore, to help you, we recommend “POS International” as your good agency.

  Reliable shipping agent in Korea

The POS-I, which is one of our affiliated companies of STX Group, is a leading shipping agency in Korea, a reliable shipping agent and second to none in providing the efficient and high quality agency service in Korean ports. The company handles over 1,700 vessels per year, including Bulk Carriers, Chemical/Product Tankers/ LPG Carriers and Container Ships, operated by STX Pan Ocean, Iino Lines, Geogas and other renowned shipowners. POS international has its offices in Incheon, Busan, Ulsan, Kwangyang, Pohang, Jinhae and retains network in Masan, Pyongtak, Dangjin, Yeosu, Kunsan, Mokpo and all other Korean ports.

  General Shipping Agency

As a leading port and marine service provider in Korea, POS-I maintains its position at the forefront of this industry by offering the full spectrum of services expected by the maritime industry.

☞ . Agent for Cargo Operations ☞ . Protective Agent for ship owners/ charterers ☞ . Agent for new shipbuilding ☞ . Husbandary Attendance ☞ . Bunkering ☞ . Crew Joining and Repatriation ☞ . Spares and Provisions Supply ☞ . Repair and Dry-docking ☞ . Marine Technical Assistance ☞ . Special Government Approval ☞ . Agent for ship delivery of sale and purchase, and any other activities in the fields of shipping services ☞ . Computer & Network equipment supply

What Pos International assure We assure you that you will find our service satisfactory in protecting your profit and interests, not only with competitive agency fee but also curtailment of port disbursement.
☞ . Instant Communications ☞ . Full Awareness of Ship’s Business ☞ . Full knowledge of Port Facilities and personnel ☞ . Clear and Prompt Report ☞ . Cost Control ☞ . Transparent Accounting ☞ . Quick Settlement of Disbursement Account

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Miss. Yun -Jeong Choi / Manager
Mr. Jung-Ho Lee / Assistant Manager

Address : C/S Center 5F, Mirae Bldg,
STX Offshore & Shipbuilding 100, Wonpo-Dong,
Jinhae, Gyeongsangnam-Do
Korea, 645-703
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